Monday, November 16, 2009

Cellular Healing from the North Wind

This message from the North wind was received last week during our Shamanic Journey circle: it carries instructions for cellular healing for all beings on Earth. Enjoy!

For those of you living in the Northern Hemisphere, the North wind is one of your most easily accessed and greatest resources for healing and rejuvenation of the physical body, particularly on a cellular level and for your DNA. The North wind, originating far in the snowy realms of the North Pole, carries with it all the energies and ions of the aurora borealis, which is sent to earth by the healing intent of the Sun. These ions have the ability to pass through clothes and even your body, and activate your DNA to heal your physical body on a cellular level.

When the North wind blows, sand outside and lift your arms over your head, and turning slowly this way and that, and allow yourself to be bathed in its healing energies. This only need be done for one to two minutes to acheive beneficial results, though of course the more often it is done the better you will feel.

For those of you living in the Southern hemisphere, the South wind carries your healing ions. The closer you live to the poles, the more ions you winds carry, and the greater the healing effect of the Wind.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Could Humans Infect Pets With H1N1? [Yes, they can!]

by Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
Nov. 6, 2009

Until this week, many veterinarians asserted that it was a myth that house cats could catch the deadly H1N1 flu from their owners.
Those veterinarians, along with other health experts, are revising their views after an Iowa Department of Public Health announcement Wednesday that the virus has been confirmed in an indoor 13-year-old cat, which likely contracted the illness from two flu-sick humans in its home.
Although all of the victims have since recovered, this latest H1N1 animal case puts the focus on humans as the primary carriers of the illness, which experts don't even want to call "swine" flu anymore.
"We're seeing reverse zoonosis, with the virus jumping from people to animals," Alfonso Torres told Discovery News, explaining that several ferrets have also been infected, resulting in at least one pet ferret death in Nebraska.
"In theory, cats could infect humans, but there is no evidence for that yet," added Torres, former chief veterinary officer of the United States who is now associate dean for public policy at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine.
Torres was "not entirely surprised" by the diagnosis in a cat. He said that until four years ago, no evidence supported that felines could catch viruses from other species.
That changed when several captive tigers and leopards died after consuming chickens infected with avian flu (H5N1). A later study concluded that house cats could also contract avian flu.
While no dog has yet been diagnosed with H1N1, a deadly canine influenza strain has led to outbreaks among dogs since the first reported case in 2004. Canine influenza arose when a horse virus, H3N8, infected a dog.
It is not yet clear why ferrets and cats may be more susceptible to H1N1 flu, but Torres explained that "viruses need receptors" to enable infection of an individual. Sometimes these receptors are located in the throat and nose, while other times they are located more deeply in the lungs.
It could be that the anatomy of pigs and ferrets means that their receptors more closely match those of humans for H1N1. It's possible that cats have similar receptors, but further studies are needed to better understand the virus in felines and how to best treat it.
"The human H1N1 vaccine may or may not work in cats," Torres said. "There are some 60 million cats and only the one reported case, so the risk of other cats becoming infected appears to be low at this point."
Since both the avian and "swine" influenza strains emerged under crowded farming conditions, Torres suspects the growing worldwide demand for meat could be setting the stage for such outbreaks. It's predicted that meat production will increase by 50 to 60 percent by 2020 in response to human population growth and economic changes in developing countries.
However, animals and humans living together in close proximity is only one probable factor that could lead to such outbreaks. Increased travel, more pets, climate change and better diagnostic techniques could also help to explain the rash of interspecies illness, he said.
Michael San Filippo, a spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association, told Discovery News that the cat H1N1 case "provides a good reminder that viruses can pass from humans to animals."
While both he and Torres wonder if the Iowa cat suffered from an underlying health condition that might have compromised its immune system they still advise all pet owners to take precautions if they come down with influenza.
"Avoid direct contact with pets if you have the flu," San Filippo said. "Keep them off of your bed and be sure to cover up coughs and sneezes. Wash your hands regularly."
He concluded: "Pets are members of our families, so exercise the same precautions that you would for other friends and family."

Saturday, November 7, 2009

November Events at Earth Lodge


Shamanic Journey Circle

Immunity Booster Clinics

Course in Miracles

Animal Healing Clinic

Reiki Share

Dream Circle

Native American Drumming Circle

Reiki Certifications & Classes

Shamanic Journey Circle

This circle meets on the second Thursday of each month from 6-8 PM
(10/8) and is led by Maya and Sandra.

Commune with your guardian spirits and power animals,
journey to power places of wisdom and healing, and experience new levels of Spirit.
Shamanic journeys are meditative visualizations, or miniature vision quests,
that allow you to access divine wisdom through your subconscious mind.
At each open circle we drum, journey twice, and share our experiences.
Led by shamanic healer and author Maya Cointreau.
Bring a drum or rattle, pen and paper, something to lie on and an eye mask.
Beginners welcome. $15

Immunity Booster Clinics

Saturday, November 14, 1-3 pm AND

Saturday, December 5, 1-3 pm

These clinics will use the immune booster protocol of Polarity Therapy
to strengthen the body's defenses
against foreign invaders and infections. As the cold and flu
season is upon us, keeping the immune system functioning
at optimum capacity, will keep us healthy and vibrant all year
long. The immune system functioning properly also regulates
our ph and blood sugars, thus keeping the lympathic system
doing it's job in waste removal and the endrocrine system secreting
the hormones neede to regulate sleep, metabolism,blood pressure,
digestion and body temperature. Each session will be done sitting in a chair and can take any where
from ten to fifteen minutes. $25 walk-ins welcome, first come, first serve.

Course in Miracles Circle -- FREE DEMONSTRATIONS

Sandra is conducting free sessions to demonstrate the planned Course in Miracles Circle - contact us to set up your demo.
It will be a two hour session and will include a guided meditation lead by
Sandra that will be very relaxing and will provide insight on the step by step experiential life-changing
Course in Miracles. The meditation will be followed by discussion. Sandra has been through the course three times,
and has spent at least 1000 hours on the Course.

Once we have an full group for the Circle, we will agree on a schedule to meet: The future class times for the Circle will be set by the demonstration participants who want to move forward with the Course.
These first sessions will be free demonstrations. Once the circle officially begins,
there will be a $10 fee per class session.
No materials are needed.

Reiki Share


This community-inspired Reiki Share meets every other Friday from 11am-1pm
and is open to all Reiki practitioners, whether you are a Master or just beginning.
Everyone who comes gives and receives, building their Reiki as well as new friendships.
The share often begins with 2-4 people working on a person on the table for 10 minutes,
then sharing views of what they felt. Then we move on to the next person,
until all at each table have experienced the healing for 10 minutes.
We find the sharing of perceptions provides useful learning
and affirmation on our intuitive physical and ethereal scanning.
Earth Lodge has a table for our use, but as the group grows,
we may need some to bring their tables. For those with tables,
if you could have it in your car, just in case it needed, it would be helpful.
$10 Donation for use of the space, which is regularly cleared,
empowered and blessed by the healers at Earth Lodge.

Drum Circle (FREE)

3rd Wednesday of each month, 6 PM


Bring a drum or a set of rattles if you have one. All Ages. Heartbeat native american style drumming.

Animal Healing Clinic

3rd Saturday of each monthly, 2-4 pm.

People may bring one dog on a leash or one cat or small animal in a crate.
Large Animals must remain in trailers unless otherwise noted.
The time for each session will be a minimum of 10 minutes.
The sessions will each be $10, as these are introductory demonstration sessions by Sandra, Maya and Lisa.

Dream Circle (FREE)

4th Monday of each month, 6 PM


Each participant will bring one dream to share and discuss.
It can be an old dream, if current dreaming is minimum.
In time, dreaming will increase, as one looks forward to the monthly circle and becomes more involved with their dream circle.
Experience with dream circles shows that dreaming becomes richer, more intuitive, more prophetic, and provides more messages from Source,
one’s higher self, and the subconscious. Each participant assesses their own dream’s meanings, with suggestive ideas from the Circle.
Sandra and Maya will lead the circle.

Usui and Karuna Reiki Training & Certifications: I, II, III/Master

Available by appointment. All classes taught by Usui Reiki Master Maya Cointreau or Karuna/Usui Reiki Master Sandra Cointreau

Usui REIKI I: Level One teaches and attunes you to do hands-on healing work. introducing one to the basics of Reiki Healing and all the benefits that can be realized you are a Reiki Practitioner after this first class. Receive four attunements and your first sacred symbol. Experience a guided meditation to your Reiki Healing Guides, and exchange Reiki treatments also. Cost: $150

Usui REIKI II: Level Two teaches you to do distance/absent healing and karmic work. You will receive distance healing attunements and other sacred symbols, and instruction on how to use them. Cost: $150

Usui REIKI III/Master: Level III/Master brings in the final master symbol and attunement, as well as sacred symbols from other Reiki traditions, and teaches you how to pass on Reiki attunements. Cost: $350

Karuna Reiki I: Karuna Reiki is the next step up from being an Usui Reiki Master,
bringing in significantly stronger symbols and healing methods inspired by the
Reiki Masters of Japan and further improved over many years here in America by the International Reiki
Center to raise the vibration of one's healing potential. Students must be certified Usui Reiki Masters with at least 6 months
practice following certification. Registered Karuna Reiki® brings in healing energies that are noticeably stronger and more able to heal a
wide range of challenges. The Level I Practitioner brings in use of 4 new symbols. $300

Karuna Reiki II: Only for Registered Karuna Reiki I® Practioners. Level II brings in use of 4 new symbols. $300.

Karuna Reiki Master: Receive Karuna Reiki Master training. Prerequisite: Karuna Reiki II. Registered Karuna Reiki Master students will be required to sign a code of ethics,
developed by the International Reiki Center and will receive a training manual developed by the Center.
Special training will also be provided on animal healing; and an Earth Lodge Animal Healing Level I Practitioner certificate will be
awarded. $450.



Earth Lodge is very easy to find:

Yellow house with white trim and columns, at intersection of Route 67 and Route 317…also called Church Street at this location, as it is between the three churches of the Roxbury village. House is in center of Roxbury’s historic district. 12 Church Street, Roxbury, CT, 06783

Alternative route access from different directions:

to Rt. 317 through Rt. 64 and Rt. 6 in Woodbury, or

to Rt. 67 through Rt. 172 in South Britain, or

to Rt. 67 through Rt. 133 in Bridgewater, or

to Rt. 67 through 199 in Washington, or

to Rt. 67 through Rt. 7 or Rt. 202 in New Milford.

Please Note: We are not a commercial retail location, and are only "open" by appointment or for scheduled classes, services and events.