Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mystical Reiki-Charged Incense

Live the Life You Were Meant to Lead

We are excited to introduce our newest product line: beautifully scented, hand-dipped incense with a burn time of around 30 minutes.  Our incense is designed to improve your physical and spiritual reality. Each set of 10 sticks has been reiki-charged for extra vibrational potency and comes packaged in a green 2” x 12” ziplock bag to help preserve the fragrance of your incense between uses. 

Archangel Raphael, Mystical Reik-Charged Incense, $3.50
Call in the beloved healing energies of Archangel Raphael with  this light, enchanting fragrance. 

Loving Reality, Mystical Reik-Charged Incense, $3.50
Call in all kinds of love, whether you are looking for romance or simply seeking a little bit more love and joy in your daily reality. A pleasing citrus and floral blend. 

Courageous, Mystical Reik-Charged Incense, $3.50
Transmute and release fear, tap into your natural courage and strengths. Live the life you were meant to lead! A pleasing woodland fragrance. 

Be Prosperous, Mystical Reik-Charged Incense, $3.50
Encourage your natural spiritual tendency to be a prosperous being, blessed with abundance. This is a powerful incense to bring in the big, big bucks! An energizing fragrance that taps right into the earth through your root chakra.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spiritual Shopping Club

Members receive 25% off thousands of items!

We have created a new buying club for pagan and spiritual supplies. Members will receive 25% off regular retail prices on thousands of supplies for a low annual fee of $15.00. This price includes catalogs and club mailings. The buying club features supplies spanning a variety of faiths, from Buddhist and Christian to Norse, Wiccan , Druidic and other Earth-Based Spiritualities.

Each member receives seasonal catalogs packed with over 7000 items including:

Incense, Smudge Sticks, and Oils
Crystals, Pendulums and Scrying materials
Books, CDs and DVDs
Tarot Cards Divination Supplies
Spiritual Jewelry, Amulets and Talismans
Bumper Stickers, Magnets and Pins
Altar Clothes, Cloaks and Altar Supplies
Statues, Windchimes & Decorative Items
Candles of all sizes and varieties
AND much more!

Orders are placed through Earth Lodge once per month as a group, so that members get to split the low shipping costs between them.
Don't want to wait, want your items right when you want them?
You can also place orders whenever you want with Maya for $9.00 Shipping & Handling.

If you are interested in joining our Spiritual Shopping Club, email Maya at or call (860) 237 8801.