Monday, September 26, 2011

We've Moved!

Earth Lodge has a totally new and re-designed site, complete with its very own news blog page. Improvements are still being made, but it's almost finished, and the blog is live.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Flower Essence Combination Formulas & Single Flower Remedies

This combination remedy has been specially formulated with the guidance of our flower devas to help foster feelings of harmony, peace and ease in your daily life here on earth. Using the powerful vibrations of 10 flowers, Ease and Flow counteracts feelings of fear, stress, anger, depression and worry. It raises your overall vibration while protecting you from negative influences and geopathic stress so that you can function at your highest levels of joy and flow easily with life. Contains: barberry, burr cucumber, foxglove, gaillardia, gladiolus, hollyhock, northern bush honeysuckle, lady's mantle, mountain laurel, and yucca flower essences. 

This remedy was made especially with our rescue animals and trauma victims in mind. Release fear, guilt and blame with this remedy. Embrace happiness and let go of any residual anger or sadness while the angels and flower fairies support and nourish the soul. This remedy creates a cushion of love and security for the fearful, and helps unlock and dissolve karmic debts, especially those related to violence or anger. Contains: Astilbe, Bleeding Heart, Indigo Hydrangea, Jewelweed, Rose of Sharon, Unakite, Wood Sorrel  

Here's the remedy you need if you can't sleep, for whatever reason. Insomnia got hold of you? Children waking at all hours of the night? Stress keeping you up? Strange dreams? Nightmares or darkness frightening the kids? Use this on yourself and your household and experience heightened, blissful levels of deep relaxing sleep that leaves you well-rested and relaxed when you wake up. Contains: Bee-Balm, Chickweed, Pink Hydrangea, Moonstone, Squash Blossom, Tamarack  

Chickweed is a small and humble plant that nourishes the soul on a basic level by bringing in more source energy through your root chakra. It is helpful to those who have trouble sleeping through the night, fear the dark and the

Evening Primrose balances the male and female aspects of the self, and also fosters easier relationships between the sexes. It encourages openness and honesty, truth and trust. Good for those who have a hard time entering relationships, as well as animals involved in breeding or mixed-sex packs. Evening primrose helps create a strong, dependable foundation to support the lightness of beauty of joy with ease.

"Who are we of the Gaillardia Aristata clan? We are the small yet hearty, the rugged beauty of the American wastelands and deserts brought into your garden to spread laughter and amusement. We bring you strength, courage, fearlessness. We help those in times of need, in times of trouble, to find their center. We ground you, increasing energy and stamina, while cleansing your aura with light. Behold us, and laugh! Behold us and be at ease!"

Northern Bush Honeysuckle heals RNA and DNA just as all honeysuckle do, while realigning mass consciousness with the earth and all new, higher energies on this physical plane of existence. It allows for full ascension progression and pulls in the help and healing powers of all the angels and nature devas.

Indigo Hydrangeas were given to us at a wedding party, beautifully potted in groups of three on each table. All three on our table came home with us, and bloom violently radiant on our property each year in natural hues of indigo and violet. They are, quite simply, the most stunningly colored hydrangeas that we have ever seen in our county, where most plants are a pale light blue. Say our plants "Speak to us. Give us your worries, your fears. Let us transmute them. Let us soothe you. You simply need to reconnect to your highest good, your highest self, your most natural and beneficial state of being. Let us repaint your aura with the vibrant tones of light that are most natural to you. Let us help you reconnect with your spiritual birthright. Insecure? We can help. Bullied? Fearful? Shy? We are here for you."

One Pink Hydrangea sits right next to our Indigo Hydrangea, blooming in an entirely different hue, a sweet pink that lightens the heart. It came with the property, growing sparsely in a shady corner, and when we received the others we placed them all on a back interspersed with lilacs in part-sun. Says our pink hydrangea "We all, the hydrangeas, lighten the heart. We are all loving, giving energies that re-light the aura and re-ignite soul connections. When we are pink, as I am, we tend to direct more of our love and healing to your heart center, as opposed to our blue and violet friends who focus more on the state of your mind. We look after matters of the heart. Let us heal you. Let us connect you to love, to pure source energy, that which so many of you call Christ Consciousness. We are here for you."

Orange Jewelweed releases guilt and blame. It travels with Poison Ivy for this very reason: for poison ivy grows to remind us of the dangers of violence against other living beings, jewelweed is here to help us aleviate any deep-seated guilt or anger we may feel from violent events, whether from this lifetime or another. Expect great shifts in consciousness when you use this remedy!

"We, the Magenta Petunias, are a most unusual color and energy among the plants. We hold incredible vitality. We are fire and water blended most harmoniously. We are here to boost your ability to perform when you feel constrained, to do everything you are wanting no matter the odds. Do you feel like your life, your work, your situation "stinks"? Use us to work within the establishment, shift your reality, allow the world to see and rejoice in your full vitality and power. Use us and see how wonderful life can be with just a few small, simple shifts. Be FULL-filled. Be blessed."  

"The fruit which San Marzano Tomatoes bear nourishes you, so many of you, but so few take the time to notice or appreciate our little flowers. Thank you. Thank you! We are happiness, we are clarity. We would share it with you. The health of our fruits is debated and praised by many, but what you need to see is that they are healthful only when you appreciate the entire plant, the entire process that created us. So it is with all plants that create food. If you see only the result, and do not appreciate the entire energy of the plant, you are missing so much! So we have come to you as a flower essence to help you connect to this process, to the energies of tomatoes especially, but also ALL food plants, so that you may better assimilate nutrients and benefit your health with every bite you eat. Our essence will make you more naturally appreciative and blessing of all your food. So be it."

Wood-Sorrel clears debris from your past and your present path so that you can see you way clearly. It returns you to a state of child-like perfection and anticipation. Particularly good for abuse and neglect victims, so that they can become happy, self-empowered fulfilled individuals.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shamanic Group is POSTPONED

Due to the strange timing of this month's second thursday, and the hectic nature of early Septembers for most people, we are postponing Shamanic Group to NEXT week. We will meet Thursday, Sept 15th, at 6pm at Earth Lodge. 

Hope everyone can make it!