Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mystical Reiki-Charged Incense

Live the Life You Were Meant to Lead

We are excited to introduce our newest product line: beautifully scented, hand-dipped incense with a burn time of around 30 minutes.  Our incense is designed to improve your physical and spiritual reality. Each set of 10 sticks has been reiki-charged for extra vibrational potency and comes packaged in a green 2” x 12” ziplock bag to help preserve the fragrance of your incense between uses. 

Archangel Raphael, Mystical Reik-Charged Incense, $3.50
Call in the beloved healing energies of Archangel Raphael with  this light, enchanting fragrance. 

Loving Reality, Mystical Reik-Charged Incense, $3.50
Call in all kinds of love, whether you are looking for romance or simply seeking a little bit more love and joy in your daily reality. A pleasing citrus and floral blend. 

Courageous, Mystical Reik-Charged Incense, $3.50
Transmute and release fear, tap into your natural courage and strengths. Live the life you were meant to lead! A pleasing woodland fragrance. 

Be Prosperous, Mystical Reik-Charged Incense, $3.50
Encourage your natural spiritual tendency to be a prosperous being, blessed with abundance. This is a powerful incense to bring in the big, big bucks! An energizing fragrance that taps right into the earth through your root chakra.

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