Friday, September 11, 2009

Smudge, Sachet, Smudge, Sachet: Two New Products for Your Home

Lavender and Herbal Sachets, $4.50

These fresh smelling sachets are approximately 3.5 x 3.5", and made right here at Earth Lodge using one of two herbal combinations. Choose from Pure Lavender Flowers with just a tiny hint of Star Anise to place in your pillow at night and stimulate dreaming or put in your dryer and freshen your laundry (dark purple or blue flowered fabric, our choice); Or choose a more lively medley of Dried Orange Peel and Lavender Flowers accented with two Star Anise pods, perfect for scenting the closets of any man or woman (purple/green gingham or yellow and purple flowers, our choice).

Lemon Balm Smudge Sticks, $12.00

12-14 inches long and bound with rainbow-hued cotton string, these fabulous smudge sticks are made from the Lemon Balm on the Earth Lodge properties. Lemon Balm has a smooth, uplifting scent that clears the chakras, blesses the home, and harmonizes energies. Smudging is easy: hold th estick by the "stick" end, light the rounded leafy end on fire, blow out, and let the smoking embers clear your home and mind, carrying your prayers on the wind. Always let your smudge stick burn on or in a firesafe container or pot. To extinguish, tamp out on a firesafe surface or dip quickly into water. Do not soak. Please note: Although smudging is a safe practice indoors, it is not for recommended in barns or hay-storage areas.

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