Monday, September 28, 2009

October at Earth Lodge: Classes & New Products

What a wonderfully busy month this has been! This coming week promises to be no exception with Dream Circle meeting tonight at 6pm to share and interpret their dreams, and Drumming Circle banging away this Wednesday, also at 6pm. All ages are welcome at our drum circle, where you will experience the joyful and healing energies of Native American-style heartbeat drumming. Bring a drum or rattle, or join in on the powerful Earth Lodge Pow Wow Drum -- 3 feet of bodacious buffalo power! For more information on any of our classes or directions please visit

Are you curious about Polarity Therapy and what its all about? Spend Saturday afternoon at Earth Lodge during this relaxed meet-and-greet, Visit us on October 17th from 2-4 PM at the Polarity Therapy Open House and let Polarity Therapist Kathy Lalonde answer your questions AND receive a free 10-minute session to balance your chakras and elements.

Our Shamanic Circle and Reiki Share continue to meet regularly, and offer rich spiritual learning experiences and healings to those who attend. The next Shamanic Circle is 10/8 and upcoming Reiki Shares are 10/2, 10/16 and 10/30. Our next Animal Healing Clinic, where your pets can benefit from multiple animal healers working on them at once, will be held October 24th.

New this month from the herbalists at Earth Lodge:

Sage Smudge Sticks
, $12.00

7-8 inches long and bound with rainbow-hued cotton string, these smudge sticks are made from the healing and protective Sage on the Earth Lodge properties. Sage is protective and dispels negative energy, which helps bless and clear the home. Smudging is easy: hold the stick by the "stick" end, light the rounded leafy end on fire, blow out, and let the smoking embers clear your home and mind, carrying your prayers on the wind. Always let your smudge stick burn on or in a firesafe container or pot. To extinguish, tamp out on a firesafe surface or dip quickly into water. Do not soak. Please note: Although smudging is a safe practice indoors, it is not for recommended in barns or hay-storage areas.

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