Thursday, October 1, 2009

What is Polarity Therapy?

Health building and healing are about being aware of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and the physical body. It is making conscious choices with a commitment to find ones self at the deepest levels. By taking responsility for ourselves we start movement back to health, leaving behind confusion and pain. We will work with your life force energy "prana" and increase your vitality, so the healing process can begin. Polarity therapy helps blocked energy patterns to move freely. So you will feel more relaxed, calmer and better focused. As a well grounded person starts to emerge, peace of mind and happiness will radiate out into ones every day life and surrounding.

By Kathy Lalonde
Kathy LaLonde is a Polarity Therapist who has dedicated herself to the research and understanding of good health; Polarity Therapy directs the elemental, energetic and physical systems back into harmony, alignment and stability. A feeling of ease and lightheartedness will be quickly apparent in your body and mind; these are effects balance and symmetry has on the physical system. You will begin to experience a reprieve from stress in your health and overall life when congruity is reestablished.

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