Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eudialyte Crystal Essence *NEW* from Earth Lodge

Eudialyte is a stone that allows you to GROW. It releases your fears which hold you back, and your fear of fears, too. It helps to ground your desires in reality and bring them to fruition in a balanced manner that blends joyful creation with logic and mass consciousness. It helps you to rationalize everything you want in a way that helps you to attain it more quickly and fully.

Eudialyte is particularly beneficial for getting things done, quickly and effeciently without any feelings of urgency or manic energy. You will be amazed at the end of the day by how much you did, and how calm you felt while doing it all!

Eudialyte helps with clairaudience, manifestation, and psychic resonance and abilities, and is a psychically protective stone. Eudialyte is also a stone of the heart, bringing harmony of heart matters and dispelling jealousy. It also brings the root and heart chakras into alignmentand activates the heart chakra. It increases the Alpha brain wave pattern during the creative state as well as the dream state. It is helpful for learning to trust oneself and others, and eases compulsive behavior. It bestows inspiration and confidence.

Eudialyte increases vitality, eye problems, pancreas, thyroid, and purifying the blood. It has also been used as a very accurate diagnostic tool. It opens the Kundalini with energy flowing from the crown to the base chakra, opening the chakra centers and allowing a clear pathway for the movement of the Kundalini. It is also a powerfully energetic stone and said to be able to clear the space of entities that have not been able to pass on after death. For those working with the terminally ill this stone is especially useful.

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