Thursday, June 3, 2010

Larimar Crystal Essence for Calm Communications

May’s stone of the month for our Crystalline Club, Larimar brings you both the calm and power of the sea. The calm: the knowing that every tide out brings a tide in, the interconnectedness of all that dwell in the water, the cellular healing ability of the salted mineral waters. The power: the great waves that can wash away an island, the ability to mold rock and dissolve metal, the creative essence of the earth and all her fury. Larimar can help you make peace in the middle of a storm. It holds the knowledge of the earth’s oldest history, the origin of your species, the story of all who have come before. It is the womb of your mother, the essence of your father. It is a stone of deep answers, and soothing wisdom.

Larimar is finely tuned to the human body, especially the 5th chakra in the throat area of the body. Larimar benefits communication, supports the healing process (thymus), and increases the possibility of regulating thyroid gland malfunction. Larimar supports dissolving different kinds of energy blockages that cause physical problems or mental diseases. It enables the flow of energy within a person and helps promote an open mind to changes and improvement. It also softens the stress and tension that problems bring.

It is no coincidence that Larimar has appeared at a time when the world is going through important transformations. The blue gemstone softens, enlightens and supports the healing process of the physical, emotional-mental and spiritual bodies. It combines our mind and thoughts (elements of air energy) with our heart and emotions (elements of water energy), gathering them into a harmonious whole. In addition, Larimar helps us to view events from a different, more positive perspective.

Larimar vibrates to the master number  55. It accesses Higher Mind (55) and channels it through your individuality (1). 55 is a direct line to the mind of God or as some call it, the akashic records.

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